“Creative man is The Creator”

This is my favorite statement. I am Loc Nguyen, a scientist, a poet and a business man; especially I am very attractive and enthusiastic. Ultimately, I am the creative man. I belief that our wealths are originated from creativeness and our civilization is based on the creativeness. We create our world by ourselves. Therefore, I set up this website in order to introduce myself and share you my creative works in science, technology and art.

Main domains on which I focus include:

    • Natural science and technology: computer science, statistics, mathematics, and medicine.

    • Social science: education, linguistics, and philosophy.

    • Economics: project management and information system.

    • Art: poetry.

Do not hesitate to contact me because I am very enthusiastic. This is my online curriculum vitae.

Best regards,

Mr. Loc Nguyen,

Independent Scholar,

Homepage: www.locnguyen.net,

Email: ng_phloc@yahoo.com,

Tel: 84-975250362