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Following is the list of beloved persons according to alphabet order. They are very beautiful, charming, kind-hearted, benevolent, and talented. Some of them are very rich and powerful. They are very admirable. Especially, they are committed to support me.

  • Chau, Mai-Han
  • Dao, Anh-Thu (w)
  • Gainutdinova, Tatiana
  • Giokos, Eleni
  • Ha, To-Nguyen
  • Ho, Thu-Hang T.
  • Hoang, Hai-My (w)
  • Hoang, Hai-Yen
  • Hoang, Kim-Yen
  • Hoang-Chau (w)
  • Huynh, Diem-Thuy (w)
  • Jolie, Angelina
  • Kieu, Phuong-Mai (Mai-Kieu) (w)
  • Luu, Anh-Loan (w)
  • Ly, Thanh-Phuong T. (w)
  • Nguyen, Kim-Thoa T. (w)
  • Nguyen, Mong-Thu T. (w)
  • Nguyen, Truong T.
  • Nguyen, Tú T.
  • Nguyen, Xuan-Phuong T. (w)
  • Shafiq, Anum
  • Tran, Bich-Ngoc (w)
  • Tran, Hong-Tuong T.
  • Tran, Thanh-Hien T. (Ngu-Binh, Thien-Ha) (w) (a)
  • Vo, Xuan-Ha T. (w)
  • Vu, Ngan T.
  • Wolcott, Michiko I.